Please note on sending international shipments the individual import and customs regulations of export and the country of destination.

On trade in dutiable States the shipping documentation required is particularly important in order to avoid delays during transport.

We will help you to avoid these barriers and assist you in preparing your dutiable Express shipment.

Duty Free Shipping

For global document shipments up to 2.0 kg, customs documents are typically not required. Please note that only printed loose sheets of paper count as a document. Hardcover Pages , document folders , photos , media , magazines or other formats are handled by customs in a different manner.

The movement of goods within the European Union is in principle subject to no restrictions. Nevertheless, European law in some areas apply export control  restrictions on certain goods,  such as with arms or certain dual -use items. Please also note special tax regulation for certain areas, such as: The Canary Islands, the Channel Islands or Greenland .

Shipping goods worth less than 1.000 Euro

For returns, gifts, promotional materials, patterns or other items worth less than 1,000 euros, which are not intended for sale you will need a Porforma Invoice.

Shipments which are intended for sale or resale and whose value does not exceed EUR 999.99 require accompanying document as a Commercial Invoice and additionally an EORI number.

Delivery of goods worth more than 1.000 euros

Each consignment of goods with a value of more than 1.000 Euros( or more than 1,000 kg ), that is sent to a customs paid country must be registered with the competent customs office for export .

Multiple packages sent from the same sender to the same consignee on the same day , must be grouped together .
For commercial shipments , the export declaration  ( IAA Plus ) can be made online or a customs agent be appointed , who takes over the entire process .
Our team will gladly inform you of the steps required for your export declaration.


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