Your express deliveries are important for you and for us . Before shipping, we will gladly answer your questions about the transport process as well as before and downstream processes .

Answers to frequently asked questions we have put together gesture here

Why can not I trace my shipment online?

The shipment number you enter must exactly match your packing slip number. Shipment tracking is possible from the date in which your shipment has been given clearance by our team for loading. Should you experience any issues finding the status of your shipment, please contact our team.

At what times can my shipment can be collected?

A Germany-wide collection of your Express shipment can be carried out in German commercial centers at the regular fare on weekdays until 18 o’clock and coverage to 16 o’clock. The latest possible pick-up time window for international express shipments as well as options for late pick-ups for national programs, weekend or foreign collections are subjected to specified requirements. For these unique pickups, please contact our team

When can my shipment be delivered?

The delivery of domestic express shipments in economic centers and most rural areas is next business day from 8 o’clock. For individual appointment requests, information on delivery options or futures deliveries abroad, our team will gladly provide information on this topic.

What happens if the recipient is not present at the delivery?

If the receiver is not found at the delivery address by the specified date, typically a notification with a request for agreement on a new delivery time will be left. You as a client of the program will be notified in each case in which this occurs. To prevent any avoidable issues, you can choose in a targeted delivery option, eg. A defined time window delivery, providing an alternative address, telephone announcement before delivery, etc.

What will it cost my shipment?

We want to always provide the best available express delivery routes on the market. All provided at competitive prices. In regards to cost, there are many criteria- the type of service level chosen will affect the shipping rate. Contact our team in this particular case or let us send you a personalized quote. . Here >> you can contact us.

Is my shipment insured?

We offer an industry constant reliability rate. Of course, this includes the regular insurance coverage in case your Express shipment is not made. Your shipment is insured up to a merchandise / replacement cost of 500 euros against damage or loss. For shipment of higher-value items you can take out a supplementary insurance. For this we need the information on the packagaed content and the sum insured, with your shipment is to be covered.

How should I pack my shipment?

In order to bring your shipment quickly and safely to it’s destination- the packing must be in accordance with our Conditions of Use as part of our transport insurance. Take for example. Original packaging, repackaging verified, a sturdy cardboard, edge protection and / or appropriate filler.

Why is another weight indicated on my bill, as the consignment has actually weighed?

The accounting basis is the chargeable weight, which refers to the actual weight determined, provided that the volume does not exceed this weight. The industry-wide uniform formula to calculate the dimensional weight of a package, as well as an online tool for weight determination can be found here >>. In the complete transport process your shipment will be checked as a rule several times on this information.

Can I order online when the shipment it is not to be picked up at the usual address?

Yes. In the online order entry, it does not matter whether your shipment is to be picked up or to a address at home or abroad. Do this by replacing only the preset default sender address by the desired pick-up address, at best, with local contact and telephone number. Please note that the regular pick-up times may vary, if necessary. Our team informs you this happy.

What items can not be shipped?

We aim to provide the broadest range of shipping options to our customers. As a company we are up-to-date on current legislation in Germany and, if applicable, the recipient country. There are restrictions with regard to live animals, dangerous substances, unidentifiable substances, weapons shipments and sometimes liquids. If you are unsure whether a particular component can be shipped, so please contact us as precise information on the package content.

What if it is more favorable for the delivery to take longer?

We offer a variety of shipping options and tariff options. Our customer service team members are happy to advise our customers to find the right service level.

Can I send a package to a private person?

No. For insurance reasons, we can offer our shipping services only commercial customers at home and abroad.

Can my shipment be picked up abroad?

As a global company, we can pick up and deliver your package to almost any desired destination. With regard to the shipping rate, please contact our team.

Why can not I log in to my client account?

The log in field to access your customer account is case-sensitive. Please check that the log in infromation possibly contains a space or the Caps Lock key is activated. Also pay attention to the correct spelling of your customer number (with "."). Should you continue to be unable to log into your account, so please contact us by phone. We're here to help immediately.

What special services do you offer?

To bring your Express shipment quickly and safely to it’s destination, we work nationwide- both domestically and internationally. We utilize express networks and sophisticated shipping software. Additionally, we offer Europe-wide same-day deliveries by a number of train and flight options, or by direct deliveries. Your Ontime OnBoardCourier GmbH also performs in combination of Ontime Group courier transports worldwide.

Do you offer an action / mass mailing?

Yes. We are happy to advise you on the options of your forthcoming action dispatch, in which a large number of shipments to be sent at the same time. In addition to specially calculated rates and shipping costs, we offer you some helpful services for the automated transfer of your recipient addresses, label printing and handling processes.

Are Mass deliveries and pick-ups possible trade?

Yes. In Germany as well as in many other countries, we offer you our mass delivery service, which includes a delivery or pick-up directly at the booth. Please note that appointment deliveries at trade fairs, due to possible delays in the clearance service entrance can not be guaranteed. In best case, you call us when commissioning the mobile phone number of the contact person on the spot.

Are shipments delivered without a signature or to neighbors?

No. In our Express service all your shipments are delivered only with a provided signature at the specified address . Only at the express request of the customer are deliveries made in the mailbox, to neighbors or left at an agreed location.

Can shipments be picked up or delivered in local depots?

Yes. Our close-knit network offers you the chance your shipment, for example. In an unsuccessful first delivery, directly at our pick or be delivered to the regular pick up time.

Can my shipment consist of several packages?

Can my shipment consist of several packages?


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